Laughter cleanse

Small Groups, Stunning Villas, Amazing Results!

Based on all the things crucial to their own special juice/cleanse/detox retreat and ethos, Jo and Claire are now offering YOU the opportunity to experience this completely unique retreat experience which no-one else in the world is currently offering:

Smiley on beach
  • A Unique holiday experience promoting fun, happiness and positivIty, hand in hand with a health retreat

  • High spec, stunning accommodation in the beautiful Spanish sunshine

  • Small groups of like-minded, heart-centred souls to maximise individual attention with mutual support, learning, growth and sharing who will be invited to apply for a place

  • Premium quality (not watered down) organic juices

  • Premium quality, organic supplements for balanced nutrition & hunger control

  • A structured daily routine to help maximise your cleanse, detox, success and motivation (but still with plenty of flexibility with opportunites to lounge by the pool, read, chill, meditate, relax, swim and sunbathe (healthily and responsibly) and rest

  • Daily workshops, documentaries, food demonstrations and discussions

  • Daily Laughter Yoga sessions boosting the lymphatic system, detox process and digestion, promoting healing and maximising mood, positivity and motivation

  • Daily yoga stretches and exercises to boost digestion and the detox process

Come for 1 week (5 days juice cleanse followed by 2 days raw) to kick-start a new healthy you and to take the first steps in making positive changes in your diet, committing to a healthier, happier life and body!


Or when possible, come for 2 weeks (10 days juice cleanse followed by 4 days raw) to maximise the benefits, lose weight and take a massive leap forward to completely changing your diet and to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life with a body that will thank you!