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Retreat Petite - Rutland 2015


After a stressful few months this stay was exactly the tonic I needed. You have taught me so much about juicing, raw food, cleansing the body and living a healthier life. I've lost 5 lbs and feel amazing. My skin, eyes, nails, hair and lashes all look wonderful. Thanks for an amazing time at Retreat Petite.



What a fabulous two weeks! I feel really clean, healthy and relaxed. This retreat was just what I needed after feeling stuck. I now feel energised and enthusiastic about 2015. Claire's 5 star service and the wealth of information she shares is great for mind, body and soul. I loved the yoga, massage and company - its great to have the support of others. I'm going to continue juicing and eating as high raw as possible. Thanks for opening my eyes Claire!



A huge thank you for your amazing hospitality. We had a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity to revitalise, get healthier, laugh our heads off and feed our bodies and minds with nourishing juices and raw foods. We will always remember how good it felt to stay here, make new friends and enjoy every moment. We can only recommend it to others!

Veronika and Marie


Thank you so much, Claire the detox Queen, for such an amzing experience. From the moment I arrived I knew you had my best interests at heart and I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. I have learnt so much this week and tried many new things, juices, rebounding, oil pulling...the list goes on.

You made the cottage feels so homely and cosy. You have taken such good care of me, I don't want to leave!

I really feel amazing and this retreat has helped me draw a line over bad food. Can not wait to see you at the next one!


Carrot juice

ORB Cafe Edinburgh - TRIP ADVISOR REVIEWS (ORB reached into the top 5% on Trip Advisor for Edinburgh)


“"Hearty Organic Raw Bountiful"”

5 stars

Welcomed by lively and friendly greetings with simple but nice and warm atmosphere.

Every dish was prepared freshly from the kitchen. The chef, Claire, who is also the owner of the café concerned for every question and specialty that I asked. The Menu is creative, ingredients are brought to mix and match together very well to become delicious dishes. I did feel that every dish was fulfilled with love and care, created delicately by heart.


For over 15 years experience in being vegetarian, vegan, and for 4 years being a raw food eater, I can say that ORB Café is the best raw food and vegan restaurant I have ever tasted in the world, comparing to many in other towns and countries. I know that I will always miss this place, if I visit Edinburgh again in the future, I will absolutely go to ORB.


Although you are not vegan/vegetarian or raw food lover, you should give it a try.

It's good for your health, it's good for your life. Then you will know how's an angel's food taste like! :)


“Absolutely Delicious!”

5 stars

As soon as you walk in to Orb you are made to feel welcome by the staff. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. As a newbies to raw vegan dining we didn't really know what to expect. The food was, delicious, beautifully presented and excellent value. We can't wait to visit again


“I was very impressed with everything about Orb.”

5 stars

I just wish I lived in Edinburgh so I could eat at Orb several times a week. I visited with my daughter who has been trying to educate me about raw food for a while. Now I understand her enthusiasm. Our starters of gazpacho and a salad were very tasty. I loved the little onion wafers that came with the soup. For main courses we had veggie burger and lasagne which we shared. Both totally unlike anything I've ever had and really delicious. I don't like sweet things but agreed to try a dessert - chocolate rose tart. Wow, it was sublime! The pecan tart was also good but sweeter. Both came with lovely coconut ice cream.

The people were lovely too, so all in all it was a fab experience and we can't wait to go back.

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