Laughter cleanse

Small Groups, Stunning Villas, Amazing Results!

What our Laughter Cleanse Retreat guests have said about us:


"Come with an open mind. As a rheumatoid arthritic of 30 years, I have tried most things to improve my situation, from fad diets, supplements, herbal remedies to vast array of drugs. While some helped, I found that changing what I ate made the biggest difference. Paleo eating helped, but with stress and depression impacting my life, my health took a prolonged downward dip and I knew I had to do something different and make a change.


Recommended by a friend, I signed up for a week at Laughter-Cleanse with Jo and Claire. I didn't know what to expect, I was a little nervous about the cleansing process, but also excited about doing stuff I'd never done before.


Jo and Claire could not have been more welcoming and kind. From the very first contact, through the half hour Claire and I spent chatting on the phone to the welcome at the airport and beyond, I felt completely supported and cared for.


They are both genuinely interested and concerned with helping people make positive changes in their lives and this shines through in everything they do.


Jo's laughter workshops, joyfit, yoga and meditation were amazingly good fun and a really uplifting start to every day. If you're at all worried about yoga, thinking it's all about getting yourself into awkward and unusual positions, don't. Jo's approach is very gentle and patient and, as an arthritic, I was grateful for that and it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling parts of the week for me.


Claire's expertise with nutrition brought us beautiful vegetable and fruit juices and the most incredible raw food meals towards the end of the week. She puts so much love into the food and was happy to share her knowledge and her enthusiasm is infectious. During the demonstrations and preparation, we got stuck in - my advice would be to get involved, it's brilliant fun! I've been to cookery workshops before but this is on a different level. I haven't had so much fun preparing such amazing and delicious food - and, of course, eating it!


There was plenty time to have privacy or chat to the hosts and other guests and share stories and experiences. The villa is a superb space to do what suits you and the pool is fabulous.


I had a brilliant time. I have been inspired by Jo and Claire to make the change that I was looking for and I'm just a little bit in love with both of them.


So, if you want to put the brakes on for a wee while, relax, have a unique experience and make a change for the better, dive into what Jo and Claire offer. You will definitely have an amazing time and it might just change your life."


Scott, Edinburgh

"The retreat was Absolutely Amazing..... on so many levels.


Firstly, I had difficulties with my knee for a long time, it was stiff and sore to bend or squat. After only 5 days of detoxing, juicing and gentle yoga, the stiffness and pain has gone ! I can't believe it, my knee is back to normal and feels strong.


Secondly, I have never felt so clean inside and full of energy, simply by flushing out toxins and not putting any more in the system for 5 days. It's truly amazing how the body works wonders if given a chance to clean and heal itself. My skin is so clear and actually glowing, who needs make up ?


Thirdly, feel so content, came home and the same old problems were there but I'm facing them now with a different attitude. Nothing's that melodramatic any more in the grand scheme of things.


I think I've found a sweet spot in my mind! :)


What this retreat has taught me is it's how you feel that's important and that's a choice which is easier to make when your body and mind are free from crap.


The laughter therapy is a plus one. What a totally fun way to basically meditate and be in the present moment, regardless of background thoughts.


I thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone. Claire and Jo know their stuff inside and out from cleansing and raw food to wellbeing and both of them were extremely accommodating through the week. No request or question too large, they helped so much in all aspects of the retreat and I am humblified (if that's a word.)


My body, mind and soul say a huge thank you to both of you :)






Paula, Edinburgh