Laughter cleanse

Small Groups, Stunning Villas, Amazing Results!

Healing, rejuvenating, inspiring, restful, nourishing

Laughter-Cleanse is a totally unique retreat concept that brings together all of the healing and rejuvenating aspects of a juice cleanse and raw food detox with the fabulous health and emotional benefits of laughter.  We are first in the world to offer this!

By investing in this nurturing, nourishing, inspiring, uplifting and educational retreat you are giving your mind, body and spirit a wonderful boost and the best start on your journey to greater health and wellbeing. Whatever your health situation you are sure to feel a whole lot better as you return home, and will have many new tools, ideas and plans to help create a more balanced lifestyle with healthier habits and practices.


Our retreats are held in stunning villas for small groups of people so that you can receive the best support and attention and find plenty of quiet space for yourself to reflect,  meditate,  rest, swim, sunbathe (healthily and responsibly) or sleep!

  •  You want to embrace a unique, positive, fun, uplifting, health retreat experience

  • You want to feel special and supported in your individual goals

  • You want more energy and clarity of mind

  • You want to improve your health

  • You want to lose some excess weight

  • You want to rest, relax and feel calmer

  • You want to reconnect with yourself

  • You want to laugh more and bring the fun back into your life

  • You are ready to learn more about natural, harmonious ways to heal

  • You want to learn new healthy recipes that are easy and practical

  • You enjoy spending time with like-minded people

  • You appreciate support, encouragement and TLC!

  • You want to feel amazing

"I never imagined I could feel this rested - thoroughly restorative!"

"Wow, this was exactly what I needed and much more!"

"What a week! Never juiced in my life - learned so much - feel amazed and inspired!"

"After a challenging year, I feel reconnected with my joy, my body, my health and my mojo is back!"

This retreat is perfect for you if...

A Totally Unique Experience!

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 September 2019