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“Coming to laughter club is one of the best things that I or anyone can ever do for themselves for boosting health and mood”.

Elizabeth, Edinburgh


Jo's laughter club has really changed the way I deal with life and I have to say although it is hard to laugh at certain incidents in life, it really changes how a situation unfolds when you laugh at a problem. I never thought one session could have such a positive impact on my life.

Suzy, Edinburgh


If I had to describe Laughter Club in one word, that word would be "Brilliant!" I was looking for ways to cheer myself up, and so I thought I'd give it a try! Right from my first visit I noticed the benefits and so did my family and friends; I became much happier, more tolerant and more confident. I have also lost a lot of weight by attending the weekly laughter work-out and also because I no longer comfort eat. I would say that laughter makes you happy, and happy people are kind people - everyone's a winner!

Miranda, Edinburgh Laughter Club Regular


What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Friends and I fancied doing something a bit different - went along to Jo's Laughter Workshop and had an amazing time. Learning, practising and experiencing laughter in a whole new way was intriguing, uplifting and allowed us all to release our stress and tension.

Madi, Edinburgh

What people are saying about Jo...

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Bowen Clients


I first went to see Jo when I injured my Achilles tendon whilst out running.  Thanks to her tender ministrations I was back on my feet (literally) and out running again within a month.  Thanks Jo - you saved my sanity!        

Lorna, Edinburgh


As a big hill walker and hiker, having hip, knee and ankle pain was really not much fun. I thought it was my age but after just 3 sessions with Jo my body feels amazing - strong, balanced and pain-free; walking is a joy once again – thank you Jo!

Morag, Edinburgh


After Jo sorted my husband’s back in one session, we took my 12 year old son to see her for Bowen to see if there was anything she could do to help his eczema which he has had since a baby. We had tried EVERYTHING possible and though Nutritional Therapy had helped a lot, Bowen was also recommended. After 4 sessions with Jo his eczema has all but disappeared and I have a much happier and confident teenager now.

Hanisa, Peebles 


Having suffered from migraine attacks for many years, I had tried almost every remedy and therapy going. After reading an article about Bowen I decided to try it and after 8 sessions with Jo my migraine attacks are no more – God bless you Jo!

Hannah, Livinsgton

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